FSC lietotās abreviatūras

26.10.2021 |  LMSP

AAF Annual Accreditation Fee

AC Asociación Civil

ASI Assurance Services International

CAB Conformity Assessment Body (see also CB)

CAR Corrective Action Request

CB Certifying bodies or Certification Body

CH Certificate Holder

CNRA Centralized National Risk Assessment

COC Chain of Custody

CW Controlled Wood

ES Ecosystem services

FM Forest Management

FMU Forest Management Unit

FPIC Free, Prior, & Informed Consent

FSC Forest Stewardship Council

GA General Assembly

GE Genetically engineered

GD FSC Global Development

GIS Geographical information system

GMO Genetically modified / manipulated Organism

HCV High Conservation Value

I&P Investments and Partnerships

IC International Center

ICL Indigenous Cultural Landscapes

IFL Intact Forest Landscapes

IGI International Generic Indicators

M&E Monitoring and Evaluation

MCU Marketing and Communications Unit

NFSS National Forest Stewardship Standard

NO National Offices

NP Network Partner

NRA National Risk Assessment

NTFP Non-Timber Forest Products

P&C Principles & Criteria

PES Payment for Ecosystem Services

PFA Policy for Association

PIPC Permanent Indigenous Peoples’ Council

PSC Policy & Standards Committee

PSU Performance and Standards Unit

RO Regional Office

SDG Standards Development Group

SDG Sustainable Development Goals

SI Sustainable Intensification

SIAG Sustainable Intensification Advisory Group

SIR Scale, Intensity & Risk

SISF Sustainable Intensification Solution Forum

SLIMF Small and Low Intensity Managed Forest

STD Standards

TSP Trademark Service Providers

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